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RNV Tips and Tricks is your source for videos, worksite photos, case studies and tips featuring the Roll-n-Vac wet and dry vacuum. The RNV® (Roll-n-Vac) is designed for not only for indoor and outdoor use but also for both industrial and construction environments. Consequently, it provides heavy duty performance for maximum results that save you both time and money.

The RNV is the industrial extractor for tough jobs. Placing the RNV® on an approved 6 cu ft capacity steel construction grade wheelbarrow turns it into a commercial grade wet and dry extractor. Additionally, the RNV® has been engineered to collect large volumes of materials and liquids fast. The RNV® also easily navigates rough terrain to transport material to your disposal site. Consequently, the RNV is ideal for applications in a variety of industries.

The RNV is a revolutionary pool service vacuum. The RNV® removes sand/media from a 300lb residential filter in about 5-6 minutes. In our testing we timed the Roll-n-Vac® vacuuming 200 lbs of sand/media in 3 minutes. (watch video). Roll-n-Vac® is also great for cleaning “Green Slimy Sludge” out of the bottom of drained pools when doing liner changes. It is so powerful it will vacuum “Green Slimy Sludge” from the bottom of the pool while it remains on the deck. It will move 20 gallons of “Green Slimy Sludge” into the wheelbarrow in 20 to 30 seconds. It doesn’t stop there it will help vacuum liners into place. Clean pool covers of leaves and water, vacuum or blow out lines when winterizing. The best part of all is that the RNV® deposits all waste into the wheelbarrow for disposal.

In addition to pool maintenance the RNV HD-2 also makes a great concrete slurry vacuum for all your wet concrete work. It can also be used for dry pick-up when digging or picking up debris from concrete work.

The Roll-n-Vac is also a favorite of contractors and has even been used by hobbyists to mine for gold. If you can think it, the RNV can likely do it. We would love to hear about how your business uses theRNV. Submit your worksite videos or photos for a chance to be featured on RNV Tips and Tricks!

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Roll-n-vac Tip #2 Use the Roll-n-Vac to move 20 Gallons of "Green Slimy Sludge" into a wheelbarrow in just 20 to 30 seconds
Roll-n-vac Tip #5  The Roll-n-Vac removes sand/media from a 300lb residential filter in about 5-6 minutes
Roll-n-vac Tip #9 Safely dig up buried utility lines by using the Roll-n-vac and an air spade
Roll-n-vac Tip #10 Suck up leaves from gutters or reverse the suction to use as a blower
Use the Roll-n-Vac to winterize your spa
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Tip 5-sand_filter_extraction copy
Tip 8-Skimmer line repair
Tip 9_buried utilities
Tip 9_leaves
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