Yet another reason why the Roll-n-Vac is the ultimate tool! This video shows air excavation with the Roll-n-Vac. The Roll-n-Vac and an air spade dig up underground utility lines. Safely exposing underground utilities is a vital part of safe digging best practices. The Roll-n-Vac can dig wet or dry. Powerful suction picks up loose dirt and small stones when used dry. An air spade speeds up this process by further breaking up the soil. The Roll-n-Vac can even dig in tough hard pan soil using this method.

Using the Roll-n-Vac and air spade combo allows the contractor to quickly and safely dig up the gas line without risk of damage. The soil brought up during excavation is contained in the wheelbarrow for easy replacement once the job is done. The total excavation time including set-up is just 40 minutes! The Roll-n-Vac is a powerful construction quality tool that is up to twice as powerful as your standard air vac. The Roll-n-Vac allows the contractor to easily clean up loose soil and small stones once the project is complete and the lines are once again buried. The lawn is left nice and tidy as if it were never disturbed! Nice easy clean-up!

Do you want to try your hand at air excavation with the Roll-n-Vac? Purchase a Roll-n-Vac at:

Want to learn more about digging with the Roll-n-Vac? Watch this video of the Roll-n-Vac being used with a pressure washer to dig.

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