This video provides a demo of the Roll-n-Vac industrial extractor when used for Post Hole Digging. It can be used alone for dry pick-up of loosened stones and soil. It can even pick up large rocks. Dig 5 times faster using the Roll-n-Vac when digging up large rocks in hard-pan, clay and soil. The Roll-n-Vac industrial extractor can be paired with a non-commercial pressure washer to dig up hard soil even faster. This method allows you to vacuum up water, mud, and rocks while keeping the hole smaller and more targeted. In just twenty seconds the Roll-n-Vac can dig about six inches. When using the Roll-n-Vac and a power washer to dig it helps to avoid damage to underground pipes and wires. Save time. money, and energy with the Roll-n-vac!

In conclusion, the Roll-n-Vac makes Post Hole Digging easy. For more information on the Roll-n-Vac Industrial Extractor go to: LESS

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