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The Roll-n-vac is the industrial extractor for tough jobs. Consequently, the Roll-n-Vac is ideal for applications in a variety of industries. While it is probably best known for being a revolutionary pool service vacuum. The Roll-n-Vac® removes sand/media from a 300lb residential filter in about 5-6 minutes. Moreover, the Roll-n-Vac® is great for cleaning “Green Slimy Sludge” out of the bottom of drained pools. The Roll-n-Vac also makes a great concrete slurry vacuum for all your wet concrete work. It can also be used for dry pick-up when digging or picking up debris. Thus, the Roll-n-Vac is also a favorite of contractors and has even been used by hobbyists to mine for gold. Finally the best part of all is that the Roll-n-Vac® deposits it all directly into your wheelbarrow for disposal. If you can think it, the Roll-n-Vac can likely do it.

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