Category - Concrete

Concrete Slurry Project

Watch how easy this Concrete Slurry Clean-up Project takes place. The Roll-n-Vac is engineered for fast site clean-up. This amazing tool is unlike any other on the...

Roll-n-Vac for Concrete

The Roll-n-Vac for concrete is a versatile tool. A variety of concrete focused professions use the Roll-n-Vac. Work smarter not harder with the Roll-n-Vac! First, we see...

Roll-n-Vac at The Precast Show

An overview of the Roll-n-Vac when used for concrete work. Roll-n-Vac will be at The Precast Show in New Orleans – May 20-22, 2021 – Booth 1353. Truebite Inc...

Ed Calafut

TrueBite, Inc. was founded by Ed Calafut of Vestal, New York in 1985. His research and development and entrepreneurial spirit began several years prior to the formation of his own company.


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