The Roll-n-Vac for concrete is a versatile tool. A variety of concrete focused professions use the Roll-n-Vac. Work smarter not harder with the Roll-n-Vac!

First, we see the Roll-n-Vac used to clean out the incline pit under the conveyor at a preform batch plant. The Roll-n-Vac’s powerful suction picks up thick sandy paste and gravel with ease.

Second, we see the Roll-n-Vac used to pick up slurry generated after cutting concrete with a walk behind saw. The Roll-n-Vac cleans up slurry depositing it directly into the wheelbarrow for easy disposal. A 20ft hose is used in the video. However, we have both 20ft and 30ft hose extensions available for purchase. One Roll-n-Vac keeps up with the saw. It’s powerful suction can remove all slurry from a 5-inch deep slot in concrete. Pick up slurry in half the time (compared to other wet/dry vacs). Save clean-up time. Save labor and save money with the Roll-n-Vac!

The Roll-n-Vac is a powerful industrial Extractor when set on an approved construction grade steel wheelbarrow. Can pick up a wide variety of wet or dry materials including gravel, wet concrete slurry, dirt, stone, muck and wet sand. The Roll-n-Vac has a minimum of 140 degrees of water lift. The Roll-n-Vac empties directly into a wheelbarrow. It can move and empty heavy loads safely and conveniently. It can be a great labor saving tool. Pair it with a pressure washer to dig holes in hard pan soil.

For more video about concrete work with the Roll-n-Vac click here.

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