Watch how easy this Concrete Slurry Clean-up Project takes place. The Roll-n-Vac is engineered for fast site clean-up. This amazing tool is unlike any other on the market, why you ask? It’s the perfect merge of tools to give your construction team added benefits to work smarter, not harder. The video shows the Roll-n-Vac in action. Watch how quick and easy the work becomes. Therefore, removal of concrete slurry generated after cutting concrete is easy. Workers had previously been using 2 wet and dry vacs to clean-up slurry. – Roll-n-Vac cleans up Slurry faster than both. – Roll-n-Vac fills wheelbarrow with 20 gallons of slurry. In other words, Moving without spilling. – No clogging! 20 foot hose for ease of use. (30 ft hose available.) – Powerful suction removes all slurry from a 5 inch deep slot in concrete. One Roll-n-Vac keeps up with the concrete saw; equal to two wet/dry vacs.

Save clean up Time! Labor! Money! – In addition, a special metal tool will allow for clean up without being bent over! – Testimonial: Roll-N-Vac saves employees from back injury from using bent over or from picking up and dumping a full wet and dry vac into a wheel barrow. In conclusion, that Concrete Slurry Project becomes just a small step! Purchase a Roll-n-Vac HD-2 at

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