There are so many ways to use the Roll-n-Vac Industrial Extractor. The Roll-n-Vac is perfect for Pool maintenance. It is also great for concrete slurry work. We have even seen the Roll-n-Vac used to unclog a pipe in a plumbing application. This video shows what has to be one of the most unique applications we’ve ever seen. Have you ever considered dredging for gold with a Roll-n-Vac?

The Roll-n-Vac set up in this video is unique. It is set on top of a large bin or a small dumpster which is in the back of a pick-up truck. You should only use steel construction grade wheelbarrows with the Roll-n-Vac, but it does seem that their bin is holding up and that they are still getting good enough suction to do the job.

They use this set-up to dredge for gold in the dessert soil. It looks like one guy is raking to break the hard dessert earth loose as well as to move to move the larger stones aside. The Roll-n-Vac can suck up just about anything that will fit through the hose. The other guy then sucks up the loose soil while breaking it up further with the Roll-n-Vac’s hose. The soil is sucked into the bin. It is ready to haul away and in the back of the truck. Who would have thought you could mine for gold using just a rake and a Roll-n-Vac? I wonder if they found anything?

Do you want to try your hand at dredging for gold with the Roll-n-Vac? We don’t have much more information to share about this unusual application but as always purchase your new Roll-n-Vac at: or from your Roll-n-Vac distributor.

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