Watch the video below for a Roll-n-Vac Introduction

The Roll-n-Vac is the ultimate tool for Pool Maintenance professionals! Suck green slime up from the bottom of an empty pool. Fill a wheel barrow in 40 seconds from the bottom of an 8 ft pool. The Roll-n-Vac is also a revolutionary tool for sand filter changes. The Roll-n-Vac® removes sand/media from a 300lb residential filter in about 5-6 minutes. In our testing we timed the Roll-n-Vac® vacuuming 200 lbs of sand/media in 3 minutes. It can even suck the sand up and out a window as shown in the clip in this video! To watch more of this unique sand filter change click here. To learn more about how the Roll-n-Vac can be used for pool maintenance click here.

The Roll-n-Vac can even be paired with a pressure washer or an air spade to dig. Or use it for dry pick-up. The Roll-n-Vac can suck up any loose debris from sand to small rocks. The Roll-n-Vac can even grab large rocks. See the Roll-n-Vac dig post holes in this video.

Save time, money, and energy with Roll-n-Vac. Thank you for watching our Roll-n-Vac introduction.

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