The Roll-n-Vac is a versatile tool. For both wet and dry purposes it is the ideal vacuum. This Roll-n-Vac demonstration shows it’s power and versatility. Placing the Roll-n-Vac® on an approved 6 cu ft capacity steel construction grade wheel barrow turns it into an industrial grade wet and dry extractor. Additionally, the Roll-n-Vac® quickly collect large volumes of materials. The Roll-n-Vac was engineered for this purpose. Watch this Roll-n-Vac demonstration to see it in action! The Roll-n-Vac can pick up 200lbs of sand and 10 gallons of water in just 3 minutes. Making it very handy for sand filter changes in swimming pool maintenance. The best part of all is that the Roll-n-Vac® has deposited the old sand/media in the wheelbarrow for disposal.

Additionally, when careful digging is required the Roll-n-Vac is ideal. Pair with a pressure washer or air spade to break up hard or rocky soil and exposing buried pipes with less effort and potential damage. The Roll-n-Vac® is not only designed for indoor and outdoor use, but also for industrial and construction environments.  Consequently, it provides heavy duty performance for maximum results. The Roll-n-Vac will save you both time and money.

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