Watch this Roll-n-Vac wheelbarrow warning video! We show the results of the wrong wheelbarrow in use!

Therefore, We only recommend using a construction grade Steel wheelbarrow with the Roll-n-Vac. To clarify a 6 CU FT construction grade steel wheel barrow works best. The lowest cost wheelbarrow that will not implode is the Jackson M6KBUT12 that sells at Home Depot around $139 (Price may vary on location).

The Jackson Wheelbarrow as well as most other construction grade wheelbarrows come with just one wheel. The Roll-n-Vac works best with two wheels as it is more stable. For this reason we recommend purchasing a 2 wheel tire conversation kit.

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The Roll-n-vac is the industrial extractor for tough jobs. Furthermore, placing the Roll-n-Vac® on an approved 6 cu ft capacity steel construction grade wheelbarrow (see Roll-n-Vac Wheelbarrow Warning video above) turns it into a commercial grade wet and dry extractor.  Consequently, the Roll-n-Vac is ideal for applications in a variety of industries.

The Roll-n-Vac HD-2 is the tool that contractors and pool professionals can’t live without. To clarify, it is a powerful hydro extractor that can be used for a variety of tough jobs. Moreover, it is great for sand filter Changes, pool liner and green slime clean-up.  Works best when vacuuming water, wet leaves, sludge, sand, and mud.

Additionally, the Roll-n-Vac is the perfect way to carefully dig around hidden pipes and wiring without risking damage. Furthermore, it can be used alone for dry pick-up of loosened stones and soil. It can even pick up large rocks. Save time. money, and energy with the Roll-n-vac!

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