Watch this demo of the Roll-n-Vac extracting water and sand.

Watch this Sand & Water Extraction! In other words, see how versatile the Roll-n-Vac Industrial Extractor is. We us a clear 30 gallon bucket so you can see how fast the Roll-n-Vac can suck up materials. On level ground it picks up 20 gallons of water in only 10 seconds. The Roll-n-Vac can also suck 30 gallons of water 8 feet up from bottom of a pool in just 40 seconds. 200lbs of sand and 10 gallons of water is extracted in just 3 minutes. The best part is that the Roll-n-Vac deposits everything directly into your wheelbarrow. All ready for disposal!

The Roll-n-Vac can be used from above whether you are doing a sand filter change or sucking up green slime from the bottom of a pool. It’s most popular application is probably for clearing the old sand out of sand filters when performing a sand filter change. It allows pool pros to do a sand filter change in just a fraction of the time.

The Roll-n-Vac is good for so much more that sand & water extraction. You can use it to vacuum pool liners during installation. It is so good at picking up slime and debris from the bottom of a pool that it can fill a wheelbarrow in just 40 seconds. It can even be used as a blower when the hose is plugged into the exhaust. Furthermore, if paired with a power washer or an air spade the Roll-n-Vac can assist in carefully digging up pipes or underground wiring. Lastly, use the roll-n-vac in plumbing applications to unclog pipes.

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