Where’s a Roll-n-Vac when you need one? Save time. money, and energy with the Roll-n-Vac!

Where’s a Roll-n-Vac when you need one?

Quickly and easily vacuum up mud, rocks and dirt. Break up hard soil with a crowbar for dry pick-up with the Roll-n-Vac. The Roll-n-Vac can then suck up small rocks and soil. Grab larger rocks with the hose to remove them from the hole and set them aside. Dig 5 times faster using the Roll-n-Vac when digging up large rocks in hard-pan, clay soil.

The Roll-n-Vac industrial extractor can be paired with a non-commercial pressure washer to dig up hard soil even faster. In this video we dig a 32 inch post hole in hardpan soil. It takes approximately 23 minutes. Using a manual post hole digger can take hours depending on the soil type and obstructions. This method works with one person but is easiest with 2 people. This method allows you to vacuum up water, mud, and rocks while keeping the hole smaller and more targeted. Digging a smaller hole can save you money on concrete. It also takes less time and can reduce your risk of injury. In just twenty seconds the Roll-n-Vac can dig about six inches. Using the Roll-n-Vac and a power washer to dig helps to avoid damage to underground pipes and electrical wires. This is because it allows you to dig with more surgical precision.

See the Roll-n-Vac dig post holes in this video.

Buy a Roll-n-Vac today at: https://roll-n-vac.com/

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