Congratulations on your new Roll-n-Vac! The Roll-n-Vac is the industrial portable vacuum for tough jobs! The Roll-n-Vac HD-2 is the tool that pool professionals can’t live without. It is a powerful hydro vac. Great for sand filter Changes, pool liner, and green slime clean-up.  Works best when vacuuming water, wet leaves, sludge, sand, and mud.

Setting up the RNVac assembly is a relatively easy process. The first step is to place the box with the sticker face up and unpack the attachments, accessories, and parts to install. It is highly recommended to read the provided instructional manual to ensure proper set-up.

To begin assembly, the RNVac is placed face down in a wheelbarrow, and the top cover is removed and flipped around. Care must be taken to avoid stripping the screws while reattaching the cover as the unit is made of plastic. Regular cleaning of the filter is advised to maintain the unit’s power, and it is recommended to do so at least once a week.

For more information about the RNVac Industrial portable vacuum, visit the Roll-N-Vac website at:

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