This video shows the Roll-n-Vac Filter Cleaning procedure. In other words, the removal, cleaning and replacement of the filter. The filter should be cleaned weekly. Therefore, ensuring the Roll-n-Vac’s performance at an optimal level. In addition, not cleaning the filter regularly can increase wear and tear on the motor. Above all, a clean filter keeps the motor clean.

In this video it shows how to locate and clean the small disk or “hockey puck” shaped filter. It is is located underneath the large white filter which we begin by unscrewing from the unit. Next we lift up the white float in the float cage and reach underneath to pull out the small black filter. You can then rinse out the filter and if desired use a small amount of mild detergent. Finally, reverse the process to put the filter back in the machine. It’s as easy as that! The entire process takes only a few minutes. This Roll-n-Vac filter cleaning procedure is time well spent to keep your Roll-n-Vac operating at optimal power! New disk filters can be purchased from:… *Pricing may change.

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