This video demonstrates Roll-n-Vac Gasket Replacement. See the process for removing and replacing the base plate gasket.

Ed Calafut owner of Truebite Inc., the maker of the Roll-n-Vac industrial extractor demonstrates the process. The base plate gasket is the seal between the Roll-n-Vac and the top of your wheel barrow. Every once in a while these wear out and need to be replaced. You can use a paddle knife to replace it. However we recommend using a vibratory sander.

How to Replace your Base Plate Gasket

Ed continues on to demonstrate how to replace the seal using the sander. Please note that it is very important to hold the sander level when using it to cut under the old gasket. The HDPE is a type of plastic and thus would be easy to dig into with the sander if it were aimed downward. If you lift up on the gasket while using the sander to remove it it helps to get underneath most effectively. It is not necessary for it to be perfectly smooth, just so that most of the glue and foam is removed. Once the gasket is removed go back over the gasket area checking for any high spots.

Quick Tip: Be sure to throw the removed foam directly into the garbage. It is sticky and you wouldn’t want it to end up stuck to the floor etc.

Our newer improved seals are black. The original Roll-n-Vac seals were white foam as seen in the video. Remove the paper from the back portion of the new seal. Removing a little paper at a time and positioning it on the Roll-n-Vac works best. Gently run your hand around the seal once it is fully in place with all the paper removed. That’s it! It is a fairly simple process to replace your Roll-n-Vac seal.

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