Roll n Vac Demo – Dig Around Buried Pipes: This video demos the process of using the Roll-n-Vac industrial extractor to remove water, soil and debris from around buried pipes.

Use the Roll-n-Vac Industrial Extractor together with a power washer to surgically dig up and clean around underground pipes. This method allows you to vacuum up water, mud, and rocks while keeping the hole smaller and more targeted. This is also the perfect way to carefully dig around pipes and equipment without risking damage. Using the aluminum nozzle, you can easily clean debris from around pipes from when leveling pipes or making other repairs.

Use the Roll-n-Vac to suck up water, mud, and small stones while exposing larger stones so they can be easily removed.

Watch this demo of the Roll-n-Vac and a power washer being used to dig post holes.

In conclusion, the Roll-n-Vac® is not only for indoor and outdoor use but also for both industrial and construction environments.  Consequently, it provides heavy duty performance for maximum results that save you both time and money. For more information on the Roll-n-Vac Industrial Extractor go to:

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