Watch this video for more pool maintenance with Roll-n-Vac! This video shows the Roll-n-Vac in action. For instance, Watch it as it removes debris from around skimmer exposing underground plumbing non-destructively. Furthermore, it can be used to surgically dig. That is to say, the Roll-n-Vac is the perfect way to carefully dig around hidden pipes or wiring without risking damage. Additionally, it can be used alone for dry pick-up of loosened stones and soil. It can even pick up large rocks. Furthermore, the video shows the added ability to convert the Roll-n-vac to a blower by inserting the hose into the exhaust.

The Roll-n-Vac® doesn’t stop there it will help vacuum liners into place. Clean pool covers of leaves and water, vacuum or blow out lines when winterizing.

Roll-n-Vac® is also great for cleaning “Green Slimy Sludge” out of the bottom of drained pools when doing liner changes. The Roll-n-Vac® is so powerful it will vacuum “Green Slimy Sludge”  from the bottom of the pool while it remains on the deck. That’s right, only you and the hose go down in the pool. The Roll-n-Vac® will move 20 gallons of “Green Slimy Sludge” into the wheelbarrow in 20 to 30 seconds. You will have to use your five gallon buckets for other tasks.

For more information on the Roll-n-Vac Industrial Extractor and/or Pool Maintenance 2 demo go to:

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