Video featuring Ed Calufut in our Ed’s Roll-n-Vac garage series. Ed’s Roll-n-Vac garage presents “Digging with the Roll-n-Vac”.

This video takes place on a job site with Spencer Construction. They need to dig three holes in a tight area between a rail and a concrete slab. Moreover, the dig site has underground wiring and they don’t know exactly where it is. How can they dig at such a site without risking damage to the wiring? Certainly, the Roll-n-Vac provides a non-destructive method of digging without disturbing underground wiring. Furthermore, it can be used to surgically dig. That is to say, the Roll-n-Vac is the perfect way to carefully dig around hidden wiring without risking damage. Additionally, it can be used alone for dry pick-up of loosened stones and soil. It can even pick up large rocks.

This video contains photos and videos showing workers starting a hole by pairing the Roll-n-Vac with a power washer. The Roll-n-Vac is able to remove dirt in a targeted area. The holes need to be dug between a rail and a concrete slab. They dig two holes in 30 minutes. This typically would have been a 2 hour job. The Roll-n-Vac saves time and labor.

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